Spiekeroog Walk

In the second half of August 2012 we have visited the Island Spiekeroog in the Southern Wadden Sea. There we have taken more than 50 panoramas for you. Now you can walk the island from your computer (without having to fear some of the midges in the evening hours). It is a pity that you cannot visit the restaurant Meeresfrüchtchen for a plate of local fish, or have a delicious sea buckthorn gateau in the island cafe. But if you dive deeply into the panoramas, perhaps you can feel a light brezze from North-West carrying the sound of some sea gulls over to you.

Just click the tab "Karte" (German word for map) in the upper left part of the panorama window. A map of the island and the village of Spiekeroog will open. You can now click every single panorama. Equally as easy you can click on the arrows on the "floor" of each panorama and you will be taken to the next panorama in that direction.

The Spiekeroog Walk is available both in a Flash-Version and a HTML 5-Version (for iPads and Smartphones).

Spiekeroog Walk - Flash-Version

Spiekeroog Walk - HTML 5-Version

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