Upper Rhine Panoramas

After the success of our Freiburg panoramas, we are now starting a series of panoramas from the Upper Rhine. When choosing a location from the list to the left, you will be taken to a preview page for that location.

On the preview page you can load each panorama in four different sizes:
  • Flash will open in the current window. Pressing the right button in the panorama will open the panorama fullscreen. This is the best version of each panorama.
  • HTML5 will open the panorama only in fully HTML 5 enabled browsers. You will be able to use this option with Safari on an Apple Macintosh or on iPhone and iPad.

Please note: Fullscreen panoramas will usually exceed 5 MB in size. So please only choose this option, if your internet connection is fast enough. All the panoramas have been compressed in order to keep the file size "web-adequate".

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